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UX-UI Design

The UX/UI designer is one of these new professions that have emerged with new mobile technologies. Its mission is to create interfaces that meet user needs, and offer them an intuitive and differentiating experience. Moreover this training provides you with the skills, both creative and technical, necessary for the exercise of this function, which is very much in demand today by employers.

Additionally you will be able to:
★ Design a user-centric interface
★ Optimize user experience
★ Create interface design
★ Master the UX and UI approach and methodologies


Full Stack Development

Do you want to convert? Would you like to know more about the job of web developer and the ways to retrain in the field?

This is an intensive, short-term training program that equips students with the skills needed to land a job as a developer. Furthermore these training courses generally last from 4 to 5 months and can be followed by a 2-months web development internship.

The program includes:

Phase 1 (Javascript) 6 weeks

Phase 2 (React/Node/Mongo) 14 weeks

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Graphic Design

The graphic design training will not only teach you how to use Photoshop and Illustrator software but will also allow you to learn the different techniques to create balanced visual supports (colors, typography, shapes...).
You will be able to:
★ Understand the expectations and wishes of your customers
★ Develop your creativity and expand your graphic culture 
★ Create interface design
★  Master different tools and software (Photoshop / Illustrator )


Front-end Development

Become a web development expert with Front-End technologies: Angular/React, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery.

You will be able to:

★ Create a website from a model. 

★ Structuring the HTML content of a web page

★ Fully customize a page with CSS 

★ Create a website from A to Z. 

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Mobile Developement

Passionated with the mobile development, you can become  expert with mobile technologies: React-native, Flutter.

You will be able to:

★ Create a mobile application from a model. 

★ Structuring the conception content of a mobile interface

★ Fully customize a page with CSS 

★ Create a mobile application from A to Z.